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Data and Analytics Agency Brisbane

Data & Analytics

We help businesses take advantage of data through advanced analytics and tracking code snippets. You already know that data is important for your business to do well. But are you using it to its fullest?

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Photo of phone with google search results for the term 'analytics'

Digital Marketing Data Analytics Agency Brisbane

Use your data to make well-informed changes & decisions.

Since the digital revolution, it's become easier for companies to attain a lot of useful data. But while most people know that data is important, few know how to use it to its fullest.

When you utilize all of your website traffic data, be it from organic or paid campaign ads, you can make well-informed business decisions that ultimately shape the future of your business. Understanding how your users interact on your digital platforms is crucial in understanding what's broken and/or needs tweaking.

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Track & measure advertising campaigns.
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Make data-driven tweaks to your marketing.
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Understand user interaction on your landing pages.

Valour Digital creates key conversion, traffic analysis, and traffic engagement systems and reports so that you never make decisions based on what you think; only decisions based on what you know.

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Google Tag Manager

Setup google tag manager on your website(s) today.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) allows developers to install multiple important analytics and tracking codes onto your website whilst minimizing your site's load speed and performance.

Although Google Tag Manager serves as a one-stop solution for all of your analytics and tracking codes, proper setup and installation can be quite tricky. (Thanks Google.)

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Bloat-free tracking and analytics solutions.
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Capture and action on vital traffic data.
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Combine multiple tracking codes into one platform.

Our data and analytics team have years of experience with Google products, in specific, Google Tag Manager. We'll install and set up your tracking and analytics to ensure you're capturing all the vital traffic information coming in and out of your website. Already have analytics preinstalled? Get an analytics audit to make sure everything is installed correctly.

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This is the best business coaching I have ever received. I was able to launch my business within 2 weeks of my first coaching call and sign on my first client within a day. Valour gave me the skills and tools I needed to be able to set up my business with procedures to be able to effectively bring in clients and have avenues to be able to get leads.
Tamra Jenkinson
Uplight Studio
The VD team was able to plan, create, and implement a highly effective SEO campaign that allowed my pressure washing company to grow exponentially over the course of 2021. Thanks again, VD, I look forward to many more months of partnership.
Zac Armitage
Pro Pressure Washing
With regards to web development and SEO, VD has done a lot of work for Austech Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management in the last 10 months. There has been a 💯 improvement in web traffic for our business due to all the hard work done by the VD team.
Mohammed Khan
Austech Carpet Cleaning
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