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We help companies grow by creating strategies and campaigns that are measurable and trackable.
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A group of likeminded marketers looking to make a difference.
With our tools and expertise, we can help you find new ways to connect with your customers and tap into new markets.
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We believe in tackling big problems with creative solutions.
From advertising campaigns to design and development to content creation, we have you covered.
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Partner with a team dedicated to your success.
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No 'one-size-fits-all' solution.
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Years of industry experience.
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Tendai Mutemi
Founder, CEO

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We create unique marketing and design strategies that reach your target audience.The main aim being to create and nurture the relationship with your customers and promote your brand effectively.


The planning phase of any marketing or design process is extremely important as it sets the tone and foundation for a successful campaign and/or website.


Let's bring your marketing strategy to life. We enlist the right personell for the job and create ad campaigns and/or wireframes for your business.


Scale your business indefinitely with marketing and design campaigns that think 2 steps ahead.

Take your digital presence to a whole new level.

Whether you're looking for a new way to reach your customers or tap into an emerging platform, we have the tools and experience that can help. We believe in tackling big problems with creative solutions--from advertising campaigns (both traditional media like print ads as well online) all the way down through content development.
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Partner with a team dedicated to your success.
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Years of industry experience.
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No, one-size-fits-all solution.
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Trusted by customer-centric companies
This is the best business coaching I have ever received. I was able to launch my business within 2 weeks of my first coaching call and sign on my first client within a day. Valour gave me the skills and tools I needed to be able to set up my business with procedures to be able to effectively bring in clients and have avenues to be able to get leads.
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Tamra Jenkinson
Uplight Studio
The VD team was able to plan, create, and implement a highly effective SEO campaign that allowed my pressure washing company to grow exponentially over the course of 2021. Thanks again, VD, I look forward to many more months of partnership.
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Zac Armitage
Pro Pressure Washing
With regards to web development and SEO, VD has done a lot of work for Austech Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management in the last 10 months. There has been a 💯 improvement in web traffic for our business due to all the hard work done by the VD team.
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Mohammed Khan
Austech Carpet Cleaning
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